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Diana & James

"Annie is the best. Seriously. If you're getting hitched soon and you think you don't need a planner, you're definitely in for a (bad) treat. I HIGHLY recommend that you hire a wedding planner. And I HIGHLY recommend Annie and her team. From the beginning to the day of the wedding, I really could not have done it without her help, comments, suggestions, and hard work. She made sure that all "I's" were dotted and the "T's" were crossed. She double checked with all of our vendors and the venue to make sure that they had everything that we would need for that day. And if they didn't, she did everything she could to make sure she could get it for us.

Annie has been in the business for a long time now and you can definitely tell by her team's professionalism and knack for all things wedding related. Everyone was super helpful on my big day and super patient. Annie and her wonderful team are there for one purpose: to make sure that YOU have the best day possible. On the day of my wedding, I had absolutely NO worries and was able to enjoy it like it was one big party for me and my husband. 

She is well worth the money. Super organized, professional, and extremely detailed... (and here I thought I was detailed...) But there are so many things that you don't think about when planning a wedding, and that's where she steps in. TRUST ME ON THIS. She was always available to address our questions and concerns and easy to get in touch with. Also, her prices are reasonable. We met other planners while we were "wedding planner shopping" and some of those prices are ridiculous. Weddings are already expensive to begin with...

Bottom line: hire Annie and her team to help you plan your big day. You won't regret it."

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K              ayi& Kevin

Photo By: VIVID Fotos

"I'm about to walk down the aisle, but I can't find my veil, I'm bursting with tears, and nothing is going right!!!!"  - EVERY BRIDE'S NIGHTMARE!!!  And let me tell you, in the weeks leading up to the wedding, I had this exact one!!!!  Thankfully, nothing even remotely close happened on the actual wedding day, phew!!!

I am SO glad that I hired Annie and her services.... anybody who is just starting out on their planning journey thinks that MAYBE they should save the money and skip the wedding planner.  DON'T.  Annie is worth EVERY penny.

From the moment of our initial meeting, I knew that Annie was uber organized, and her many years of experience in the industry was apparent right away.  She kept me on schedule with my vendors, gave me recommendations for the ones I wasn't sure of, and asked questions that hadn't even crossed my mind!  She kept me from losing my s**t when I was a nervous wreck, and I honestly don't know how I would've survived without her. 

She went above and beyond, providing totes for the bridal party, with her assistant holding onto their cell phones and other personal items while we were busy getting married.  If there was anything not running smoothly, I wouldn't have known because her calm demeanor made me confident that everyone was enjoying themselves.

Brides, do yourself a favor, hire Annie... you can thank me later!

Jeff & Joanne

"My wife and I would DEFINITELY recommend Annie and the OEP team!!!  Our wedding was a complete success.  She was INCREDIBLY detailed, organized, and professional.  Her spreadsheets were thorough and the timeline was precise.  Whenever we called, emailed, or text, she was VERY prompt to respond.  The confidence and peace of mind that Annie provided, was priceless.  From the start of planning to the day of the wedding, we had an fun experience with Annie.  There's no words that can describe how thankful my wife and I are to have her help plan our wedding and was by far the best vendor we had."

Sher & Andy

"Oahu Event Planner is a one stop shop for party planning on Oahu. Annie is sweet, genuine and professional. Her time management and organizational skills are impeccable which are key components of an excellent coordinator. The worse thing for a party is for everything to go off schedule and the lack of preparation. When you think about it, this is what really matters because this is what your guests will remember. No event is without its hiccups; however, having a team that makes it look flawless can make the difference between an awful event vs. a night to remember. Do you really want to risk it? There's no redo's when it come to moments like this. I would definitely hire Annie again."

J            ayci & Jason

"When it came to planning my wedding, I was probably one of the most anal and OCD brides you could ever imagine.The one thing thing I was sure I did NOT need, was a wedding planner.  I couldn't have been more wrong. 

Hiring Annie and her team was one of the best decisions I made during my wedding planning process. I met her during a consultation to hire her other company, Image Creations, for our wedding videography. When she explained that she also offered wedding planning services, and described everything she could do to help to assure my dream wedding would become a reality, I decided to hire her.

From day one Annie was super organized, knowledgeable, reliable, and super sweet. She responded to all of my neurotic emails, answered my millions of questions, and was always ten steps ahead of me paving my way through obstacles and keeping me on track. She made it easy for me to loosen up and let go of controlling EVERYTHING, which allowed me to enjoy the process. She thought of hundreds of things even my neurotic brain would've never thought to plan for. 

On the day of my wedding, her assistant, Enna was right there keeping us on schedule and taking care of everything while Annie was at my reception site making sure the set up ran smoothly. She came prepared with a suitcase full of anything I could possibly need, and was right there anytime I needed assistance or a question answered. I really felt like a queen!! I was able to enjoy my time getting ready and making memories instead of worrying about anything. I was completely stress free. 

It was no surprise that in the end my fairytale wedding was a dream come true, and I simply could not have done it without Annie and her team and also the guys from Image Creations. They work flawlessly together hand in hand assuring that my wedding as well as my awesome wedding video came out perfect. Now, I tell every single person that is thinking about getting married that Annie is a must-have!!!"

D       .    ana & Stanley

"Honestly don't know what I would've done without Annie. I was gonna try and be one of those brides who was gonna do everything and I'm so happy that I changed my mind. Annie made my day go so smoothly. The road to my wedding day was extremely stressful for me... But Annie kept me focused and calm. On the day itself, I didn't worry about anything. Her team had everything covered... Even down to the last minute run needed to buy baby powder for my sticky shoulders!!! You don't want the big day to be stressful. You need a wedding planner to help ease this crazy ride. I couldn't recommend a better person than Annie. Thank you for everything you did for me and Stan."

Jill & Kanoa

Jill and Kanoa.jpg

"Annie Canada, of Oahu Event Planner, and her team, went above and beyond to make our wedding day perfect. From the beginning, Annie was there to provide advice as well as recommend vendors and other professionals to help us on our day. Though we only hired her services for the "Day of", Annie was there for us for the many months that led up to the wedding. We met with her several times before and she always made sure our timeline was going accordingly so we weren't stressed. What we really appreciated about her services, and why we would recommend her to anyone planning any type of event was all the little touches she worked on that was so thoughtful. Talk about prepared! Oahu Event Planner had multiple kits to help with any emergency of the day. And we had a few..who forgets their own garter? I did! But Annie had one available for us to use (and keep-Thanks for that!) Oahu Event Planner also put together emergency kits for both men and women's bathrooms at our venue. Each kit had all the essentials our guests might've needed which included eye drops, mints, kleenex, feminine products, and all sorts of other "save-the-day" items. Our guests loved them! It was just one of the reasons Oahu Event Planner went out of their way to help and make sure everything went smoothly. Another feature that we loved (and helped) was the fact that Annie's husband, Cody Canada, of Image Creations was our videographer. They worked seamlessly together in a way that made everything on our day go smoothly. Although a bunch of minor issues occurred (what wedding doesn't have those?) , my husband and I had no idea. Oahu Event Planners handled everything so we could sincerely enjoy our day. Multiple thumbs up guys!"

Diene & Jon

"Annie and her crew were amazing! She was always there when I needed her and helped me out as best as she could. My husband and I are forever greatful for making our day so memorable. Everything ran so smoothly and we appreciated all the little details they put in too. Highly recommended!"

Kelly & Jeremy

"Annie and her team have exceeded my expectations for wedding planning. I moved to Hawai'i not knowing my way around and with no time to plan. I needed someone who was knowledgeable about the vendors and was understanding of our budget. Annie was able to find the best vendors at the most reasonable prices. She went above and beyond to contact these vendors and coordinate everything. She was also able to get us great recommendation discounts.

She was always responsive and never took longer than 5 minutes to respond to my texts, calls or emails. She was also prepared and organized at our meetings, and thought of potential problems that could arise and planned for them. 

I probably changed my mind about things at least 3 times and every time I contacted Annie, she was always ready to adjust on the fly and she never once made me feel bad for constantly changing the plans. Unfortunately for Annie, we picked an unusual place to get married and had to bring EVERYTHING in (they've only held about 3-4 weddings there), and I had doubts about us being able to pull it off, but she did such an amazing job at coordinating and setting up, as well as mentally and emotionally calming me down. We were told on numerous occasions that the wedding was so organized and one of the best weddings they've attended.

I can't express enough how grateful I am to have found Oahu Event Planner. The first thing I now ask my newly engaged friends is if they have a wedding planner. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone on the island."

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